Why BusinessShouldBeEasy.com?

The idea for this site came to me about 6 years ago when I realised that the stuff that was stopping us being successful had nothing to do with the marketing, accounting, logistics, planning, time management etc that we get caught up in when trying to create a business. We get too focussed on the practical stuff and not enough attention is paid to the most important stuff – the bit between our ears, our mindset, our emotions, our physical wellbeing, our (dare I say it) spirituality and our energies. When we fail we talk about the strategies that didn’t work but the truth is that it is more likely that we lacked motivation, we had old programming sabotage us, we were afraid to ask for health or we totally lost ourselves in the process and because stressed, run down and physically ill. I know these things because I experienced them all and more. Thus BusinessShouldBeEasdy.com comes from a place of sharing what I have learned and am learning still and also to hear about what other SME Business Owners are doing to help and support themselves. You won’t find too many Gurus here nor too many Experts unless they have something of value to say about their own struggles. So why not join in the discussion. Sign up and get the initial e-book, join the Facebook Group if you are into that kind of thing and I will send you an email every week with some written thoughts and maybe some small videos. I look forward to having you along for the company.

Vincent Byrne

Monday Updates

Keeping Score & Chopping Down Trees

I was going to write a piece on setting targets as it has come up so many times in the past few weeks and I think it is particularly important as we start to consider creating our plans for 2012. However, upon reading the piece today by Shelli Johnson, guest poster on...

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Ask Different Questions: How Can I do That?

There is a tendency in the current climate for people running businesses to bemoan the fact that the government and their respective agencies are not supportive, either in terms of tax rates, grants, incentives and other such forms of assistance. The reality is that...

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Would You Drop a Difficult Customer?

I am sure you have been in the situation. You have met a potential client, probably found it difficult to get a meeting with them, you have sent them a proposal and they have come back and amended it 5 times and then, just when you think agreement can be reached, they...

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Holding Onto The Dream!

My daughter, Ann-Marie asked me, a few months ago, if I had heard that 'Innocent', the fruit smoothie makers, had been bought by Coca Cola. I thought it was a bit odd - a giant manufacturer of not so healthy beverages acquiring a business that espoused extremely...

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Pursuit of Excellence – That Winning Edge?

So how does any athlete or sports person achieve such world beating levels of performance? And, how does what they do, apply to the rest of us mere mortals, and in particular someone running a business or working within a business? Having looked into the behaviours of...

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