Would You Drop a Difficult Customer?

I am sure you have been in the situation. You have met a potential client, probably found it difficult to get a meeting with them, you have sent them a proposal and they have come back and amended it 5 times and then, just when you think agreement can be reached, they...

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Holding Onto The Dream!

My daughter, Ann-Marie asked me, a few months ago, if I had heard that 'Innocent', the fruit smoothie makers, had been bought by Coca Cola. I thought it was a bit odd - a giant manufacturer of not so healthy beverages acquiring a business that espoused extremely...

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Pursuit of Excellence – That Winning Edge?

So how does any athlete or sports person achieve such world beating levels of performance? And, how does what they do, apply to the rest of us mere mortals, and in particular someone running a business or working within a business? Having looked into the behaviours of...

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Specialise or Die!

I was at a networking event a couple of years ago and happened to meet a solicitor who had recently left a large firm to start his own practice. In the course of the conversation I asked him if he knew some people who had worked in his former firm in the Corporate and...

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Fear of Setting Targets!

This week's article was inspired by a conversation I had with my son, Niall. He was studying for the Junior Cert at the time, and as I am sure we all remember, it is really challenging and somewhat daunting for kids at that age, facing their first 'big' exam. Anyway,...

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