I Learned a Very Big Lesson Yesterday!

I learned a very big lesson yesterday. Well it wasn’t a new lesson, I was aware of it already and in fact it’s something that I speak about quite regularly with my clients but yesterday, when I experienced it, it felt like a new lesson! The background is that last...

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What If I Ignored The Gremlins?

There is often a difficulty when I sit down to write, when the words, thoughts and ideas seem to have dried up, inspiration is on strike and the publishing deadline is looming large. I have asked myself many times ‘Do I miss it … just the one time or do I keep it...

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A New Year, A New Dawn

So here we are in 2012.  My aim when approaching this particular blog was to come up with something helpful or inspirational. However each time I sat down, it seemed that I was getting a bit stuck and nothing coherent was coming out.  When I thought about it I...

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Keeping Score & Chopping Down Trees

I was going to write a piece on setting targets as it has come up so many times in the past few weeks and I think it is particularly important as we start to consider creating our plans for 2012. However, upon reading the piece today by Shelli Johnson, guest poster on...

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Ask Different Questions: How Can I do That?

There is a tendency in the current climate for people running businesses to bemoan the fact that the government and their respective agencies are not supportive, either in terms of tax rates, grants, incentives and other such forms of assistance. The reality is that...

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