The was some great feedback to the talk I did in Birr on Friday and in particular to the piece on the launch of the iCard, an idea which only came to me as I was driving around the mountains having been sent on an ‘off the beaten track’ route from Portlaoise to Birr by my iPhone! Oh the irony!

I know a lot of people didn’t make it who would have liked to have been there so I decided to do a quick synopsis of these key points of the iCard (Index Cards) part of my talk to help refresh the thoughts of those who attended and perhaps give some ideas to those who missed it.

In essence the idea for the iCard is that it should be as indispensible as the iPhone, iPad and all of the other iGadgets that we can’t seem to do without these days. The difference is that this is much cheaper, the Apps are free, doesn’t need recharging and doesn’t sync with the iCloud!

It is really effective if kept in a prominent place such as wallet, purse or pocket and reviewed every day if possible. However it needs a data input device, the iPen (Ink Pen), in order to record the information that is vital to its effectiveness! (The R&D team are working on that!)

The iCard however is restricted to just 2 Apps, as it’s a clutter free device, as follows:

Goal Setting App – On one side of the card, record the key goal or target that you intend to create for yourself and your business in the year ahead. The point being that, as goal seeking beings who operate best when we are striving to achieve something, it makes perfect sense to set up a target or targets for ourselves when directing our businesses.

In other words, begin with the end in mind, just like a chef visualises the end dish, a carpenter visualises the completed piece of furniture or the athlete ‘sees’ the gold medal going over his head on the podium.

By recording the key goal and others on one side of the iCard, carrying it with you and looking at it every day, you begin to train the mind into understanding exactly what you want and then allowing the subconscious to act on moving you towards achieving it. Without key targets for your business or your life, we have no purpose or context in which to work and as a result, we get appropriate results….. disappointment!

It was notable, from a simple show of hands, that only a small percentage of people had actually set goals and written them down before I asked them to do so, despite it being a proven way of bringing you closer to whatever you are trying to achieve. This App is definitely needed so!

Problem Buster App – I also introduced another important tool for turning any difficult or challenging (positive or negative) situation around to your advantage. Usually when hit by an unexpected event or setback or we are striving for some achievement without much success there is a tendency to become despondent and even bury the head in the sand.

The trick is to take yourself out of that situation and get you moving forward. Forward momentum, even in baby steps, is enough to get our inherent need for achievement and solution to kick into gear.

So, to break the pattern and generate some forward momentum, ask yourself the following questions:

a) How can I do this?
b) What resources do I already have (including skills)?
c) What do I need to know?
d) Who can help me?
e) What is the first step?

Write these questions on the flip side of your iCard. The App is now ready!</p>
Take a look at any challenge or problem that you currently have and apply each of these questions to the situation. Write down your answers. You may not get any shifts straight away but the process of writing and seeing the elements of the situation out of your head and put down on paper immediately moves the problem away from YOU onto the page. This makes your consideration of the problem much easier to manage.

Then play with the questions over and over, jotting down ideas and potential answers until you get something to work with. Remember there are no ‘right’ answers, just ideas to put into action and test the results. There is no failure, ONLY feedback!

Now, armed with your iCard and these two important Apps, begin to move yourself and your business forward. However, like an iPhone or iPad, all the features in the world will be irrelevant if they are not used. So keep it close and refer to it often!

In the meantime I am off to develop the new features that will be available in the iCard 5 but if it’s not ready in time for the next #Birr2012, I will just release it as the iCard 4½ with extra thin lines and in a few more colours!

Copyright Vincent Byrne 2012