Launch of the iCard 4S! (Well Not Quite!)

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The was some great feedback to the talk I did in Birr on Friday and in particular to the piece on the launch of the iCard, an idea which only came to me as I was driving around the mountains having been sent on an ‘off the beaten track’ route from Portlaoise to Birr by my iPhone! Oh the irony! I know a lot of people didn’t make it who would have liked to have been there so I decided to do a quick synopsis of these key points of the iCard...

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A New Year, A New Dawn

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So here we are in 2012.  My aim when approaching this particular blog was to come up with something helpful or inspirational. However each time I sat down, it seemed that I was getting a bit stuck and nothing coherent was coming out.  When I thought about it I realised that I was attaching a little too much on the outcome and in the process I was managing to get in my own way. So Instead of over-thinking the whole thing I have decided to just...

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Keeping Score & Chopping Down Trees

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I was going to write a piece on setting targets as it has come up so many times in the past few weeks and I think it is particularly important as we start to consider creating our plans for 2012. However, upon reading the piece today by Shelli Johnson, guest poster on Derek Flynn’s ‘Rant with Occasional Music’ Blog, called ‘Why I Stopped Looking at the Numbers’  ….. I took another look at the piece I had written. There...

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