What’s On Your List Of Things You Won’t Do?

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I am an avid fan of audio books. I download books in all kind of formats from both Audible.com and LearnOutLoud.com and mostly listen to them via my iPod or on CD in the car. I have a long held view that the only way of improving your life and your business is through self-education, not necessarily through courses or qualifications but through books, audios, videos or short seminars that people like me and other professionals are putting on...

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Launch of the iCard 4S! (Well Not Quite!)

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The was some great feedback to the talk I did in Birr on Friday and in particular to the piece on the launch of the iCard, an idea which only came to me as I was driving around the mountains having been sent on an ‘off the beaten track’ route from Portlaoise to Birr by my iPhone! Oh the irony! I know a lot of people didn’t make it who would have liked to have been there so I decided to do a quick synopsis of these key points of the iCard...

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A New Year, A New Dawn

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So here we are in 2012.  My aim when approaching this particular blog was to come up with something helpful or inspirational. However each time I sat down, it seemed that I was getting a bit stuck and nothing coherent was coming out.  When I thought about it I realised that I was attaching a little too much on the outcome and in the process I was managing to get in my own way. So Instead of over-thinking the whole thing I have decided to just...

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