3 Things You Can Do ….. Right Now!

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I was privileged to be asked to do a 30 minute presentation to the LBCAI (Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland) last weekend. In trying to keep within the limited timeframe I wanted to come up with 3 points which could be used both individually and combined together which would give a boost to a business or service professional. As for the 3 Points …. here’s what I came up with: 1. Straight out of the Architects...

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Steve Jobs – Tortured Genius and Tyrannical CEO!

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I finished listening to the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson over the past week… all 28 hours of it! It is a great insight into someone who I found to be a tortured genius but it was difficult at times to reconcile on one side, the awful way that he treated people, the utterly obnoxious behaviour and his attitude towards his children and family with the other, the ability to drive himself and those around him in an unrelenting...

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