So here we are in 2012.  My aim when approaching this particular blog was to come up with something helpful or inspirational. However each time I sat down, it seemed that I was getting a bit stuck and nothing coherent was coming out.  When I thought about it I realised that I was attaching a little too much on the outcome and in the process I was managing to get in my own way.

So Instead of over-thinking the whole thing I have decided to just talk about what 2012 means to me and what I am doing (with the proviso that if it’s a load of nonsense, I will post a crayon drawing!).

The year 2012 has a particular curiosity for me because the stuff about it being the last year in the Mayan Calendar and the ensuing interpretations which range from the world coming to an end, to it being the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  In any event, having survived two currency changeovers and the Y2K debacle with the prediction of planes falling from the sky, I think best thing to do is ignore the big picture and focus on what you can control.

So thinking about my world and what I can control … actually not control … note to self, ‘I cannot control ANYTHING!’ and the sooner I let go of the need for that the better!  Well instead of ‘control’, what can I decide that I want, imagine it being in place and take some action towards making it happen?

This is the tough bit. It’s difficult to say what you want without sounding greedy or ungrateful … and then if I put it out there in public, am I not setting myself up for a fall?  I’m Irish, we don’t do that kind of thing … sure look at those developer guys who got too big for their boots, now look at them, taken down a peg or two.  No … it’s far safer to stay where I am and ‘see what happens, hope that it will be a good year and leave it to hindsight – review it this time next year to see how things worked out!’

Yep that’s far safer … I used to hate doing budgets when I worked in multi-nationals too … people were always asking you to explain why you didn’t hit target … It’s much better now, I’m my own boss, I’m not a crystal ball gazer ….. sure, Que Sera, Sera …. what will be will be! That’s the way everyone one else does it too, so that must be the right way – right?

So here’s hoping 2012 will be better than 2011, no here’s hoping it will be the best year yet … hoping …. mmmh … that word hope … ‘to feel that something desired may happen’….. is one of the dictionary definitions and it’s a bit woolly to be honest.

I think I would prefer to be a bit more certain, more expectant, about 2012.  In fact I would actually prefer to be downright optimistic about it being the best year yet.  But how will I know if it is or not if I don’t have something to judge it by?

I suppose I need to say what I would like for myself and my business … but not being greedy or too big for my boots … just to have something to compare the year to this time next year!  Oh well that’s okay then, saying what I want is just a ‘line in the sand’ and says nothing bad about me. Phew!!

Okay so, purely as a way of measuring, I’d like my business to generate €500k in sales, I’d like a full order book of clients by mid-January and that to be the case throughout the year unless I decide I want a break or indeed I am off on a 3 week holiday in Antibes with the kids. I’d like to be delivering workshops and seminars around the country and successfully dipped a toe in the water in the UK. I’d like to have written the first book which is on its way to being a NYTimes bestseller in its class and another in progress.  I’d like to be debt free, living in a fab place overlooking the sea with my own fully paid 2012 car and free to do what I want, when I want. I like to be fluent in French, learning Spanish, able to play guitar, have songs on YouTube and be a far better cook and photographer.  All this as well as seeing my kids more and being a better Dad!

Is that too much? Oh, there are in fact a few more things, but I must not be greedy …. oh okay, I will throw them in! There is the opening of my holistic coaching practice and learning hypnotherapy!

There, done!  That didn’t feel so bad and like I said earlier it’s only to use as a guide to judge if it’s the best year yet.  However if it happened it certainly would be a humungous year … the best yet!

So now I know what’s involved in creating the best year yet, I wonder do I have a better chance of it happening than if I hadn’t decided to write it down and publish it? What do you think? Have you decided on what you would like and written it out? Or are you like I was and concerned about being greedy, or setting yourself up for a fall or even afraid of what people think?

Well now that you know that you can do it just to see how your 2012 has measured up this time next year and not for any of those reasons, do you think you might give it a try? You might even find that this time next year that you achieve one or more or perhaps all of the things you desire.

So Happy New Year to you and yours, whether you choose to see what happens or you decide to make it your best yet.  Either way, it’s all good!