I was privileged to be asked to do a 30 minute presentation to the LBCAI (Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland) last weekend. In trying to keep within the limited timeframe I wanted to come up with 3 points which could be used both individually and combined together which would give a boost to a business or service professional.

As for the 3 Points …. here’s what I came up with:

1. Straight out of the Architects Handbook!! …. Have a Vision/Clarity about the kind of business you are aiming to create ….. Type of work, type of clients, problems you fix or areas of specialisation, how you get business, location/office, staff numbers/types, income earned weekly/monthly …… a business is a creation just like a building so you need to know what it looks like rather than just going in everyday trying to be busy and earn money! How would a building end up if you started to build it without a plan or an artist’s impression? A mess, probably!

2. Understand your WHY! Be clear about why you got into the particular game that you are in. What is it about it that you love? What difference can you make in the world with it? Usually coaches and therapists come to their field as a result of overcoming some personal challenges and then become practitioners because ‘they don’t want other people to feel the way that they felt!’ …. and so that becomes their WHY! Once you know your WHY , you can talk about it and this attracts people who are also interested in your story and motivation. And so we should ‘talk about what we believe, not what we do!’.

3. Build your business by Appreciation! Constantly remind the clients that you work with, that you appreciate their business and that you love working with them (only if you do, obviously!) by telling them via phone, email, letter, cards etc. When people feel appreciated by someone it makes them feel good and they typically want to share it with others just like themselves hence you have the nurturing of a long lasting relationship and the encouragement of that favourite sales tool, the Referral!

And in the grander scheme of things these are certainly principles that apply equally in life as they do in business because the two are so tightly interwoven. In fact I have just seen a very good quote from Simon Sinek (author of Start With Why) which goes as follows: “Our friends don’t love us for what we do, they love us for who we are (hint, the same is true for customers, clients and employees)”.

© Vincent Byrne